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Video about spice up sex in marriage:

4 Texts to Spice Up Your Marriage

Spice up sex in marriage. Sex Stories That Build Marriages.

Spice up sex in marriage

Look good and start working out if you have to. Visit your local pharmacy or an adult store and bring in sex toys, lubes, pheromones and anything else that works to reinvigorate your senses. How porn saved my sexless marriage ] 20 Fool around. Love's Tailor He inserts just the tip of his penis and makes several small in and out tiny thrusts aka sporting the sparrow. Another variation of churning: Think kitchen, couches, bathroom, backyard, or a pool. Instead of focusing on the orgasm as the main goal, task or objective, I recommend focusing on the present moment, becoming mindful and attuned to your body sensations, making eye contact with your partner and connecting with your breath. How to skinny dip ] 30 Believe in the relationship. We hop from diet to diet, instead of sticking with the time tested, science backed plan of input versus output. In a perfect relationship, your compatibilities have to be perfect and the sex has to be awesome. Give each other space. I think it is far better that they can come into a combox for guidance and advice than to talk about this stuff with individuals that know them and their spouses.

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    TimidAnonymous July 14, at 7: Do you remember the pleasurable hugs, caresses and kisses you shared with your partner when your relationship began?


    Pleasure each other and let the fingers linger a while in the tingling spots.


    Create fantasies and imagine it together. You probably feel incredibly comfortable in bed with your partner, which is awesome in its own way yay for reliable orgasms!


    Bring in new excitement into your bed. Are you giving details because those details are necessary to explain something to a sister in need?