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Former Greene County clerk disagrees with $100,000 sex discrimination lawsuit settlement

Greene county indiana inmates sex. Ohio Inmate Searches.

Greene county indiana inmates sex

Monahan, , U. There was, however, a lack of proof that any of the defendants failed to take reasonable measures to prevent prisoners from bringing weapons into the yard or that the security methods employed were unreasonable. The trial judge did not abuse his discretion in failing to allow additional evidence concerning whether the inmate's loss of a kitchen job resulted from the attack after the deliberating jury asked a question concerning this. If true, this could give rise to an inference of a conscious disregard of a significant risk of violence. Lexis , 26 Fla. A prisoner claimed that the warden, two caseworkers, and the prison education director failed to provide him with needed protection against a beating by another prisoner. There was also a disputed issue of fact as to whether the level of human waste in the prisoner's cell rendered it uninhabitable. Anderson, , U. Subsequently, he was found lying on the floor near the toilet, suffering a sprained spine, a shoulder contusion, and head lacerations. The court also held that there was a clearly established right to be protected against assault under these circumstances. The plaintiff prisoner claimed that other inmates in Los Angeles County jail gathered in a group at his cell door, threatening him with physical harm.

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    The prisoner presented undisputed facts indicating that the gang did not tolerate homosexual acts, and that the guard knew of the risk of harm that making such a statement to gang members created.


    A detainee presented no evidence, for six assaults on him by other prisoners, that jail guards knew about the risks to his safety.


    Johnson, , F.


    He suffered injuries including severe nerve damage and an eye socket fracture that may lead to blindness. His estate's lawsuit adequately alleged that a defendant warden had engaged in a practice of housing him in "explosive" situations that ended in physical confrontations, and that the warden either actually knew of or consciously turned a blind eye towards obvious risks of assault and injury.


    A federal appeals court found that the prisoner had failed to show how the defendants acted with deliberate indifference to his serious medical needs.


    His estate sued, claiming that the county and jail personnel acted with deliberate indifference to the decedent's safety.


    Jail officials were unable to identify who staged the attack, partially because the victim's account of the incident was inconsistent with the physical evidence.