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Gay teenage buys sex stories

We were in some rich kid's off-campus duplex apartment in the West Village. As late spring began to settle in, life was good. I opened the message and it was short and to the point. My hands came up and closed around the base of his cock. A shot hit me on the face, one on the cheek under the eye, one on the chest. Trembling, I reached up and finished undoing his belt. His well proportioned body, his round ass under his clothes. I felt him twitch. I was kind of hoping that he would be able to teach me a few more things about sex but all of a sudden the phone next to his bed rang. Constructive criticism appreciated as this is my first post. I wasn't expecting it, so I hadn't prepared, and I knew that I wanted my first time to at least be clean and smooth.

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    I looked intently as he stood there waiting his turn to run and jump back in the pool. I brought my tongue up and around his head, trying to cover it all and make it wet.


    I carried on doing this for a few minutes and I noticed his breathing was getting more shallow and rapid, that when I realised I was gonna make him cum, my heart pounded with excitement, my cock screamed for attention but I just carried on making him feel good, I felt his cock stiffen,I could sense the bed under me vibrating from his shaking body as I felt his hot cum flowing through his cock, I wanted to feel it erupt from him so I moved my hand to the head of his cock as he spurted his hot spunk over my hand, the bed and his briefs, my fingers were covered as I continued to pleasure him, I could feel his body relax as his erection slowing waned, I held him in my hand for a while longer then placed his cock back in his cum soaked briefs, I rested my hand on his crotch for a while before he turned onto his front and went to sleep.


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    His cock wasn't real thick as opposed to mine which is also 7 inches but extremely thick and uncut. Another friend stood up and said, "I have more vodka in my room, why don't we walk down the hall.


    I knew that it was only a matter of time. I'd lay awake at night, thinking of my best guy friend.


    I wanted to feel the softness of his ball and the hardness of his cock in my hand, I tried to prise the side of his briefs up so I could reach in and touch him but the material was under too much tension from his erection, as I struggled, he shifted his leg slightly , allowing a little more freedom to his briefs, I hook my finger underneath and for the first time I was touching his cock, I figured he wanted me to touch him at this point, I was getting brave without too much hesitation I slipped my hand in and grasped his cock, it was rock hard and thick , my fingers we not able to wrap all the way around, I loved the feeling of him in my hand I reached down and gently stroked his balls, then moved my hand up and down his long slightly curved shaft. I reached down and slid it out read Sex Story… Categories:


    He smacked my ass cheek. As I lay there in wonderment at what had just happened I relaxed and went to sleep.


    I worked out where my hand needed to be to make an easy adjustment to get to him and went for it. So we were sitting around smoking pot, when another guy from the floor, Brett, came into the room and said, "Guys, it really reeks in here.