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Karen nods and thanks them, looking over at Sarah again. She pulls up to the curb and finds Karen waiting at the end of her driveway. They often share a bed all together when she gets scared. Why isn't she waking up? From the father's point of view, he studies the girls as they dance around with sparklers. The camera frequently cuts to his point of view, as we see him zero in on Karen and watch her intently, scanning up and down her body. They chat about their college plans and Sarah's mother teasingly asks Karen if she has a boyfriend yet. Sarah's father pulls down his boxer shorts and kneels to start removing Karen's pajamas. She is much more reserved than her best friend, especially when it comes to boys, so she isn't used to divulging intimate information. Not knowing what to do, Karen shakes her head.

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    Flashes of light hit their faces, as they react to the sound of fireworks and try to draw hearts in the air with their sparklers. He tells her she is very tense, she must have been very anxious.


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    She is much more reserved than her best friend, especially when it comes to boys, so she isn't used to divulging intimate information.


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