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She is already under the covers on her side, looking at her phone, when Karen exits the bathroom and crawls in beside her. The mom keeps asking questions and it gets to the point where Karen begins to feel a little uncomfortable. As they both pet and coddle her, she anxiously looks over at her friend. He has a long weekend planned. The camera frequently cuts to the father's point of view, as he studies Karen's chest breathing heavily as she grows more awkward. Her eyes go wide. Sarah hurriedly changes the subject again and, noting the time, asks her father to let them go get ready for the fireworks. In the end, he cums on Karen's face while his wife looks up at him proudly. Karen asks again about Sarah and her father reminds her that she is just a sound sleeper and will wake up happily with them in the morning. She tells him she really likes him.

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    She pulls up to the curb and finds Karen waiting at the end of her driveway.


    Sarah's father pulls down his boxer shorts and kneels to start removing Karen's pajamas.


    Sarah's father is tending to the grill while his wife relaxes with the two girls. When it is over, the stunned Karen doesn't know what to do.


    She is much more reserved than her best friend, especially when it comes to boys, so she isn't used to divulging intimate information.


    Sarah's mother holds her gently in place and pets her head, asking her if she's ever been intimate with a grown man before. She starts to talk about social media gossip when Sarah abruptly puts her phone away.


    Sarah says yes and turns her back on her friend. The family has just finished dinner:


    CUT to Sarah's bed.


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