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They wanted to make sure she was ok. They chat about their college plans and Sarah's mother teasingly asks Karen if she has a boyfriend yet. She knows how handsome Sarah's father is and she is aware of how close Karen has grown with him, especially since she came of age. She should just concentrate on herself and feeling better. As Sarah's mom turns out the light, she tells Karen that they'll all share the bed together tonight to make sure she doesn't have any more bad dreams. The camera frequently cuts to the father's point of view, as he studies Karen's chest breathing heavily as she grows more awkward. Sarah's mother holds her gently in place and pets her head, asking her if she's ever been intimate with a grown man before. After a few minutes of observing them, playing close attention to their supple teenage bodies as they play, Sarah's mom walks up into the frame and whispers to her husband that it's time to get the girls ready for bed. Shell-shocked, Karen tries to appease them by saying how welcome she's always felt and how sad she is to be leaving as well. Their sparklers have gone out. Sarah's mom kisses her forehead and holds her tightly while her father takes the glass back and starts kneading her shoulders.

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    They are sharing memories about all the 4th of July celebrations they've had together over the years, and Sarah's father raises his glass to make a toast. Sarah says yes and turns her back on her friend.


    He gushes about how much she's grown over the years and how she has become such a gorgeous young woman.


    Not knowing what to do, Karen shakes her head.


    CUT to outside at dusk.


    Shell-shocked, Karen tries to appease them by saying how welcome she's always felt and how sad she is to be leaving as well.