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As Sarah's mom turns out the light, she tells Karen that they'll all share the bed together tonight to make sure she doesn't have any more bad dreams. Karen tries to protest but Sarah tells her to forget about it and go to bed. Karen tries to awkwardly protest but Sarah's father chimes in. As they drift off, the camera slowly moves over to reveal Sarah's face for the first time. CUT to Sarah's bed. It's part of the reason Karen has always looked up to Sarah. Her eyes go wide. She tells him she really likes him. She knows how handsome Sarah's father is and she is aware of how close Karen has grown with him, especially since she came of age. He tells her she is very tense, she must have been very anxious. Sarah begs to stay up a bit longer, but her father insists they turn in for an early night. They wanted to make sure she was ok.

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    While this conversation is happening, Sarah's father grills in the background.


    They shake their head and tell Karen that she is just a sound sleeper. Sarah's mom asks if they are helping her to relax.


    She looks a bit frustrated but agrees.


    Shocked, she asks what's going on.


    Karen tries to awkwardly protest but Sarah's father chimes in.