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Video about dialating and still having sex:

MTF Post Op Dilation 101 (Part 10)

Dialating and still having sex. Janet's Extreme Slave Training.

Dialating and still having sex

But I still think it will be good training for you that you carry out the initial cleaning of all your stinking piss by using your mouth and head. Otherwise I think the air in this room would gag us all! Your eyes are clearly indicating what you are thinking! Aftercare Patients can use their eyes after ECCE, although they should have a friend or relative drive them home after the procedure. I knew a slave is never allowed to show that she would be happy if her ordeal was bringing to an end. It's always nice having something to look forward to, don't you agree my darling? I woke up about 9 or 10 am on January 10th to having a contraction as I was sitting up in bed bearing down the contraction a little bit of fluid rolled out of me. Firmly in place I felt the rubber ball being inflated until I though I would explode. Maybe it was an idea gagging you with this pad when you have satisfied all of us? As we want to get rid of these useless begging sounds about stopping it has been fitted with a flexible rubber ball.

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