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Charley Chase

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Charley chase sex machine sweat

When it is over, the stunned Karen doesn't know what to do. Shocked, she asks what's going on. She knows how handsome Sarah's father is and she is aware of how close Karen has grown with him, especially since she came of age. And he thanks the girl he considers to be just like another daughter, Karen, for being such a good friend and influence for Sarah. As they both pet and coddle her, she anxiously looks over at her friend. She spreads her legs wide and hungrily devours her first machine. Sarah catches wind of this and quickly changes the subject, as the parents smile at each other. She instantly becomes enchanted by their power. She is already under the covers on her side, looking at her phone, when Karen exits the bathroom and crawls in beside her. The dildo pulls in and out showing off the inside of her perfect-little-pink pussy. Tote bag in hand, she hops in the front seat and the pair drive off. She can clearly see his penis underneath his boxers and it makes her very nervous.

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