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Kids Of Gay Parents Speak Out - (bi/straight parents too) A film from Team Angelica & Stonewall

Apa article same sex parents. APA Citation Style Guide.

Apa article same sex parents

Then list the screen name instead of the author's name and without brackets: Also, the author has failed to respond to the requests of professionals who have requested the data in the study in order to analyze the differences between married and cohabiting households. While this study is limited by not having a heterosexual control group, the rates of sexual assault, including childhood sexual assault are alarmingly high. Harris , upheld a state law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman, in part, by accepting that the marriage procreation link although maybe not wise wasn't irrational. Numerous studies indicate that infants and toddlers prefer their mothers to their fathers when they seek solace or relief from hunger, fear, sickness, or some other distress. This literature cites the importance of both mothering and fathering for the healthy development of a child. Year, Month Day web page was last updated. Look at the top and bottom of the page for a date. IPV victimization was associated with increased rates of substance use pooled odds ratio of 1. Office of Child Abuse and Neglect.

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    Rates of ADHD were higher as well— The needs of children take precedence over the entitled thinking of adults who believe they have the right to deprive a child of a father or a mother.


    The legal equality men and women enjoy in modern marriage makes it no longer illegal to have sexual intercourse before marriage. This brief included the assertion:


    Superior Court 77 P.


    Results indicated that individuals in committed same-sex relationships were generally not distinguishable from their committed opposite-sex counterparts. Numerous research studies have demonstrated the serious risks to children raised without a mother or a father.