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Video about abnormal pap smear and sex:

My Pap Smear Came Back "Abnormal"

Abnormal pap smear and sex. Pap Smear (Pap Test): What to Expect.

Abnormal pap smear and sex

It indicates that HPV is present and is causing more serious changes. Anal dysplasia may progress from low-grade low risk changes to high-grade high risk changes before it turns into cancer. Talk to your doctor to see how often he or she recommends you receive Pap tests. Laser therapy A focused beam of light destroys abnormal tissue. The changes may be minor low-grade or serious high-grade. Do I need a Pap test? Paps may be cause for anxiety by their very nature, but things can get a lot more concerning when your results come back as abnormal. The test is not diagnostic, so your gynecologist will review your results and recommend next steps. Treatment of invasive cancer often involves a team of specialists. Not every abnormal Pap test warrants a colposcopy, especially in younger women, Dr. Results of anal Pap smear Normal anal Pap smear. This means cell changes were found.

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    This could be because of an infection, such as a yeast infection or the herpes virus. Abnormal results may be described in a number of different ways:


    Cervical cancer cells squamous cell carcinoma or adenocarcinoma Pap tests can detect cancer cells, but it is rare.


    This means no cell changes were found.


    From 30 on, women should get a Pap plus an HPV test every five years.