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    Grabber operates at background mode. Statistics of thumbs popularity ctr, rank is analyzed not for all time of thumb existence, but for the last N views.


    For example, strengthening of glares and clearing dark areas of thumb. In other words, our script is not going to overload your server.


    It will produce not great portions of thumbnails every minute.


    Arrangement of tasks to the grabbing queue is random.


    And galleries that use redirect scripts in opening of them, galleries that contain links to the pages with pictures instead of pictures themselves as it used to be and other non-standard galleries. Counting click ratio of cells at background mode.


    Arrangement of tasks to the grabbing queue is random. Time of script execution and amount of grabber completed operations for one step is estimated according to couple of criterions — not to overload the server and to make highest possible amount of thumbs for one unit of time.